Lots of setbacks...

I see some of you have been patient with me while I've worked the kinks out of this new site. I was set back a little with not feeling well, and I've had some frustrating glitches. One new one is comments aren't showing up, but each thing ends up being solved. I'm hoping photos end up back on the site soon.

All of the technical stuff is keeping me away from the food side of things, but when it goes well it is also fun on it's own. I'm getting new readers, which is fun, and showing up on search engines, which is gratifying because that is a lot of work.

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Today is Sunday, and my family and I have a thing this afternoon that will be taking us out of the house for a few hours. It is a perfect day to try making baked beans in the crock pot. These last few weeks I've finally had time to enjoy the fruits of my labors and I've just been making the meals here, which has been so great. I'm glad my testers really wanted my to focus on easy and quick; it made my life much more simple.

It's time to stop resting on my laurels, as it were, and get back to testing recipes. Spring is just around the corner (some days it feels like it's here for some of us) and it's time to retool the weeks to reflect the new season's produce. This time around I'll be having helpers and doing batch testing two fun teenagers, Robert and Braden, are both talented cooks and are saving money to visit a few Sudbury schools in Europe this spring. They will probably help me make a few demo videos, too.

In a few days I'll be posting asking for suggestions for future menus, so if you have any thoughts, keep track of them.

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