Creating The Basis For The Long Lasting Marriage

Once the final decision is made and the couple exchanges their vows, then the 'I' is automatically deducted from the vocabulary and is replaced by a 'we'. The couple will now live together, under the same roof, and therefore, collaboration will become imperative.

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Normally enough, issues are bound to appear as soon as the partners aren't ready to compromise and keep their own ideas. In a marriage, there is no win-win situation therefore it is best to show each other respect, honesty and understanding. These will be the keys to mutual cooperation. Every time the other person will feel neglected or not given enough attention, then frictions will appear.

Another successful approach to marriage is to spend a lot of time together, but also leave to one another enough time to spend on their enough. While each party is engaged in a mutual commitment, people must also be left to live their lives on their own and therefore, space is an important issue in a marriage. It would thus be best to schedule the times when you are together and the time when you are alone so that you don't have to barge into one another and create disturbance.

Another thing to do is to be able to consult one another when you are in the need of an opinion. Don't make plans before asking your partner about them and set up things together so that collaboration is indeed respected.

Moreover, couples often fight a lot over money. While there is some labor division inside the couple, when someone earns a lot more money than the other one, issues start to appear. Income, finances and taxpaying are explosive touches to a marriage and can lead to surprising and bitter disappointment.

Another alarming thing noted these days is that most couples seem to be in some sort of debt due to money problems. Therefore, when the partners are spending much more than they can earn, the marriage itself is starting to dissolve as budget harmonization and equilibrium will disappear and excesses will be made. Therefore, one must treat wisely money matters, because sometimes, money is the part usually breaking and dissolving relationships.

Remember that after your honeymoon you will feel a little dizzy on the fact that you are no longer single, but married. Therefore, carefully adjust to the new schedule of things and learn how to treasure your marriage.

Talking openly to your partner is another vital skill that you should acquire in order to bond to each other and make it all work. You are committed towards a long relationship; therefore it is in your best interest to start to make things work. Also, while it is always easy to blame the other party for mistakes and errors, you should also take the responsibility of trying to solve those misunderstandings and make things work.


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