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Even if you have been cleaning your own gutters for several years, there is probably a lot more that you still need to learn about gutter cleaning, especially from a gutter cleaning expert. I have been in the gutter cleaning business for many years and cleaned out hundreds of gutters in Portland, Oregon. Portland is probably one of the most difficult areas of the country for our gutters. This is because it rains almost the entire time that you are trying to clean out gutters from about the middle of September to the beginning of April. Since you have a lot of pine needles falling, you have to clean off your gutters and your roof continually.

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But even so, it is definitely a great place to have a gutter cleaning business, and now that I have started blogging full-time, I no longer do such dangerous work. I would recommend that you always wear a safety line if you're more than 10 feet in the air. Never walk along the edge without one. Also, remember that it is easier and safer to clean from a ladder than it is to clean on top of a roof as long as your ladder is less than 24 feet tall.

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