Jazzing Up the Flavor of those Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

Ready for the tip? It doesn't involve any extra work than what you're already doing to prep, boil, and mash those potatoes. In fact, it's so easy you won't believe it. But the added depth of flavor your potatoes will have is incredible. So here goes. Drum roll please. Da, da, da, daaaa

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Thats it. In place of water boil the potatoes in broth and they'll soak up some extra deliciousness. Thats all you have to do. Once the potatoes are boiled, drain and continue preparing them as usual however you enjoy yours. For the broth, I use low sodium chicken broth and enjoy my mashed potatoes as is without any added gravy.

Beef broth might be something to experiment with some time, but I wouldn't recommend it for Thanksgiving if you're serving turkey. Beef flavored potatoes with turkey and gravy might not be a match made in heaven. Then again, stranger pairings have happened.

And if you do choose to experiment with boiling the potatoes in broth, be sure to use vegetable broth for the vegetarians in your life. Theyll appreciate it.

What easy tips do you have for jazzing up a side dish, entre or dessert? Share in the comments below. And have a happy turkey or turkey-free day when it finally arrives!

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