Silent Mess Makers

I meandered down the hall to see what they we're up to and they were playing so nice and quiet. However how did they make this humongous mess without me hearing it?!

So, time to clean up and organize. This took them longer than it should have, but it's all good. Out to the bar to eat some cereal. Saturday always seems to be the day where they finish off the last of some boxes and we get to empty some new cereals into the containers. Today we added Kashi's Heart to Heart Cinnamon and Mom's Best Raisin Bran. Yum 🙂

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Does anyone use e clic-tite containers?

I sent the boys down the hall after to do their usual morning routine:

  1. Brush teeth
  2. Make bed
  3. Get dressed

They did all without a fuss and proceeded to play. Then the arguments and fighting ensued. So, guess what?

Time to kick them outside!

The played outside for hours and did so well wedecided to make it a picnic lunch at their play-set.They picked me some flowers too :)(We are trying to get them to turn purple w/ a little food coloring.)Chris works at night, as you may have read in previous posts, so trying to get the boys to stay fairly quiet so he can sleep in is a must. It is also very hard to do!

When Chris got up, he left for the day with his bf Colin to go get fitted for suits for Colin's wedding in August. They decided to buy suits instead of rent tuxes. Every 30+ year old should have a suit in the closet right?

So with Chris gone for the day my run is not going to happen until this evening.

However, this leaves the boys and me time to plan for tomorrow without Chris overhearing.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. My parents are camping so I won't see my dad until the afternoon. However in the morning Elijah and Noah have a whole series of things planned for their daddy, including:

  • Making breakfast (of course) for the family
  • Massaging dad's feet with some lotion (this was their idea, good thing Chris isn't ticklish with those little hands touching him)
  • Giving their homemade gifts and cards to him
  • Doing chores for him

We are going to cook breakfast sandwiches and make some corn muffins and some fruit salad.

Have you bought this mix at Trader Joe's?(So Good!)I also am meeting my bestie tomorrow morning very early to pump out my 8 mile long run I need to do before our Father's day adventured begin. Looking forward to this run!

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