The Daily Grind, Chop and Fry

This is an experiment, an effort to make myself do meal planning a little better. I've looked for vegetarian meal plans, and the free ones don't seem to exist. At least, not for the person who is what I consider to be the average everyday cook. I rarely make lunch, let alone breakfast. I need to have things in the freezer for when dinner is an afterthought at best. I absolutely hate the times when eating out is a luxury

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I've been cooking mostly vegetarian for over 25 years, and during that time I've been everything from a strict vegetarian to a semi-omnivore, which I am at the moment. But at home I've been cooking vegetarian and some seafood, and now my teenage son has knocked the fish off the menu, so I'm back to veg.

I don't exactly enjoy the whole every day nature of dinner making, and can't imagine that at this stage of the game that will change. I do best when I've got a plan for about five meals and I've shopped for them, since thinking up what's for dinner is one of the chores I don't enjoy.

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