Cappuccino Espresso Machines

Two years in the making, the Sirena, which is Italian for Mermaid, was designed with collaboration between Saeco, BMW Designworks USA, and Starbucks, who is the distributor. This exquisite semi-automatic espresso machine not only looks great, but with it's silver powder coated exterior of die cast steel, this super machine is easy to clean and doesn't show finger prints. The machine weighs in at 21 pounds, empty, yet is only 15" high making it an easy fit in any kitchen.

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You will see a clear plastic reservoir that lifts out quite easily with it's built in handle. Besides the full view of the water level, this well built espresso maker has a low water indicator light plus several fail safe operations. Firstly, you are unable to pull a shot until the tank is refilled with water. Another important fail safe is that after 90 minutes of inactivity, the machine powers down so as not to burn out the boiler elements, which run at 1,050 watts. Saves on energy cost as well!

This semi-automatic espresso machine by Starbucks was engineered to be very simple to operate and also designed to be timeless. Plus it produces the perfect shot of espresso with a great crema each and every time. For that perfect frothing, the Sirena has a rapid steam boiler that produces continuous powerful steam that allows you to move from frothing to brewing without any wait. In addition, the commercial grade portafilter assembly retains the heat and has a patented back pressure adapter that will automatically adjust to the particular grind of coffee that you are using, producing a rich and full crema.

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