Hello Ruby Tuesday! Domaine Houchart

A rose de Provence! Hooray!

When I started this little series, I knew I'd have to review at least one ros de Provence, and here we are!

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Im super excited about this wine because, when it comes to ros, Provence in southeast France produces the best of the best. A good ros de Provence is dry and herbaceous, just like this salmon pink bottle of Domaine Houchart 2012 Ros de Provence. The nose is flowery and fresh, and the palate is super herbaceous and layered, with notes of sage, rosemary and raspberry. Theres something almost savory about each sip. Though this is definitely a dry ros, it's suppler than previous ross I've reviewed, and finishes very smooth.

Pair it with a goat cheese like bucherondin, which is soft, bloomy, and great with this herbaceous wine, for the Provence experience.

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