A good spring clean is good for the mind...

I do love a good sort out during the spring, I always feel like I need to hit the refresh button and really have a good clean and most importantly a big clear out. I don't know about you, but after Christmas I become even more of a hoarder than I already am. I keep all the little bits and bobs and chuck them here and there and everywhere my boyfriend does not appreciate this at all. I suppose I like to hold onto the Christmas feeling for as long as possible, so I really don't like to throw anything out at that time.

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When spring rolls around I feel I can let go, I am filled with the sudden urge to clean clean clean! Pull everything out, sort everything into piles and throw out what I don't need. I always tend to start in the kitchen, although I am by no means the cook in the house it is my favourite place. I love a good clean kitchen, the surfaces need to be clutter free and gleaming where the sun hits them through an open window. This is my happy place.

I will then move from room to room cleaning and de-cluttering. As Latrina said in her post: A good rule of thumb: If you haven't used it in the past 6 months, you probably don't need it. I try to stick to this sort of thing, If I haven't used it for a while I do not need it, though I must admit I am terrible, I will sit there holding something that I haven't used in ages and I will convince myself that if I throw this out I might need it! But then some sense kicks in and I part ways with it.

A good spring clean is good for the house and the mind. I find I work better and live happier in a clean and cluttered free environment.

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