The Bible has much to say about serving...

The Bible has much to say about serving, but it can all be summed up in this account of Jesus washing the disciples feet at their last supper together. Jesus and the Twelve had come together to eat, and to fellowship before the Passover. This night was especially important to Jesus because it was the last time He would eat with His friends before He went to be crucified. It was to be an emotional, intimate time together. However, before they even arrived to the supper table, the disciples had been arguing. The Gospel of Luke reveals that there was tension among them about which one would be the greatest. This wasn't a new argument, but one that had continually simmered beneath the surface of their fellowship. James and John on one occasion had been bold enough to request that they might sit on Jesus right and left hand in His kingdom.

As the group arrived to the upper room where they would eat, the ambition of the apostles made the tension thick, and their open-toed sandals and the dusty roads made their feet dirty. In those days it was customary to have a house servant to wash the feet of the guests. However, there we're no servants present at this private meal, and thus all the men sat down with dirty feet. In this group where the current heated topic was, Who is the greatest? and Who will be the MVP? it is no surprise that no one volunteered to wash anyones feet. Rather than appear to be giving up an opportunity at prominence, or rather than being perceived as lower than the rest, each of the disciples was more content to eat supper with stinking feet and dirty hands. Instead of using an opportunity to help and to serve each other, the disciples we're content with their dignity and their dirt.

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In his version of the story, John says that when supper was over, Jesus got up form the table, and He Himself began to wash the feet of the disciples. It is difficult to imagine the flurry of emotions and embarrassment as Jesus put all of these men to shame. Jesus, their Lord and Master, was doing for them what they had not been willing to do for each other, not even for Him. Imagine Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, whose sandal straps John the Baptist declared himself unworthy to loosen, as He is washing and drying the feet of His own servants. Seems a bit backwards doesn't it? To see the Master acting as servant. To see the Lord taking the lowliest place. As paradoxical as this may seem, Jesus taught His disciples that true greatness was not in their stature, but in their service. The measure of a person is not in position, but posture. According to Jesus, He that is greatest among you will be your servant. And whoever exalts himself will be humbled; and he that humbles himself shall be exalted. This episode paints for us a very clear picture of what true service looks like, and it outlines Jesus expectation that we serve one another according to His example.

Jesus, fully self aware and established in His identity, served with confident humility. Jesus had nothing to prove to anyone, and neither did He have to save face. John teaches that He knew where He had come from and He knew where He was going. With no one to impress, Jesus confidently humbled Himself and washed His disciples feet. As servants of Jesus Christ, we too can serve others, even in the lowliest of situations. Confident humility means that we recognize who our Master is, we have nothing left to prove to anyone and we can serve in any situation because we know Whose we are, where we've come from, and most importantly, where we are going. If Jesus did not have a problem rolling up His sleeves and doing the dirty work, then surely His servants should be the first to volunteer themselves for the humbling task of serving others.

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