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Carpet Cleaning: Indentations and Faded Spots

If you are considering professional carpet cleaning, New York has loads of choices. However, it is important to set your expectations right and be prepared for what can and can't be done. A lot of people specifically want to know whether faded spots and indentations from furniture can be removed from their carpets. They can be removed, but not always.

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Removing faded spots and restoring a carpet's original color involves a process known as spot drying. However, spot drying is not equally effective on all carpet fibers. A professional will actually have to look at the type of your carpet and the extent of damage, to tell you whether the original color can be restored or not.

The same holds true with furniture indentations: whether it can be removed or not depends on the extent of damage and the type of your carpet. If you have been keeping very heavy furniture on your carpet, there is a chance that the pile has got crushed and it's backing is damaged. If the problem is severe, the indentation may well be permanent. However, in some cases, using a combination of moisture, heat and hand grooming does remove carpet indentations.

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